List of Universities in Lagos State, Nigeria


I will list some of the universities in Lagos State, Nigeria. Although lagos state is one of the most crowded states in Nigeria and formerly the capital city of Nigeria but has quite a few number of universities in Nigeria. below is a list of private universities in nigeria, federal universities in nigeria, state universities in nigeria all located in Lagos state.

Lagos Business School, Nigeria – This is the number 1 and in fact with no doubt the best business school in Nigeria and it is located in Lagos state. It is also a member of the Pan African University and the leading business university in Nigeria. Lagos business school official website

Lagos State Universiy, Nigeria - This is the only state government owned university in lagos. It is amongst the best universities in Nigeria and also one of the pioneer universities in nigeria and it is located in lagos state.

official website of lagos state university

Caleb University, Nigeria – Caleb University is a fresh private university in Nigeria located in Lagos. It was created in order to lead nigerian university ranking to the fore front of universities in africa and also in the world.

official website of caleb university

Yaba College of Technology – This is also one of the best college of technology in Nigeria. It was in fact a pioneer universityy in the area of technology in Nigeria and it is also located in Lagos state.

official website of yaba college of technology

Lagos State Polytechnic – This is the only State Owned polytechnic  in Lagos State. It is a leading higher institution in Nigeria especially in the polytechnics raning.

lagos sate polytechnic official website

University of Lagos – This is the best University in Lagos State and also one of the top 5 best Universities in Nigeria. It is a leading university in nigeria that always sets the pace for others.

official website of university of lagos

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