6 New Federal Universities in Nigeria to Commence Operation by 2012

The President, Goodluck Jonathan has recently announce that 6 new Federal Universities in Nigeria will commence operations by 2012. Although the present federal universities in Nigeria are not up to standard nevertheless the president wants to add more universities.

Some of us actually think the president of Nigeria should rather use the money to improve the presently operation federal universities in Nigeria rather than award new universities in Nigeria.

The president of Nigeria also assures that the sum of 10 billion naira will be made available to start the new federal Universities in Nigeria while the committee responsible will have 1billion naira available to make sure everything goes well.

I think this another medium for Nigerian Professors to embezzle money and claim they are about to start internationally standard federal universities in Nigeria but at the end of it all they will be poorer or rather worse than the present federal universities in Nigeria.

Let me know what you think if to add new federal universities in Nigeria or to maintain the available federal universities in Nigeria.

One Response to “6 New Federal Universities in Nigeria to Commence Operation by 2012”

  1. Jf gold says:

    i think it all boils down to mismanagement.i am an applicant into on of the new federal univ and u wont believe me if i tell u we hvent resumed up till nw. its so purposeless for jonathan to start new univ when he hasnt standardized i wonder who is advisers are. they all lack vision,no wonder a lot of nigerians are going in troops to study in other countries.far smaller than ours like benin republic.its a shame bt i know change is coming soon.jf gold

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